About OMS

Our Mother's Stewards was founded as a non-profit in 2022 after organizing beach cleanup events since 2018. The founder, Meghan Holder, created this organization as a means to constructively honor the loss of her mother, Dawn Stewart-Holder, who passed May 9, 2011. Due to her loss being the day after Mother's Day in 2011, the largest events are held in May, around Mother's Day. The events pair the founder's pain and passion of environmental stewardship. The name Our Mother's Stewards ties in multiple factors of Mother's Day, Mother Earth, and stewardship which is what Dawn's maiden name of Stewart means in Scottish, her heritage. 


Her death in May is also connected with May being the National Mental Health Awareness Month since Dawn passed due to her struggles with mental health. After several years of grief, guilt, and shame, the founder Meghan Holder decided to turn lead into gold and commemorate her mother while giving back to the community and the environment. Meghan earned a degree in marine and environmental science as well as visual arts and has a heart for altruistic passions. She has been improving and expanding the efforts of these events for over 5 years in St. Johns County, FL. Events are now running at least twice a year and are planned to be held in other areas of the U.S. Our Mother's Stewards is an environmental community-based organization that focuses on educating and empowering people to have fun while preserving Mother Earth for a thriving future.